10e Brunch Menu

Saturday & Sunday 11:00 am to 3:00 pm


Sujuk Flambe  10

Armenian spicy beef sausage skewers

Add two fried eggs  4    

Shakshuka Eggs 12

Two poached eggs, roasted pepper & tomato sauce, parsley, basil, served with warm pita bread

Poached Egg & Fohl Mudammas  12

Chickpeas, fava beans, tomato, red onion, Aleppo pepper, sumac, lemon juice, olive oil, parsley, cumin, one poached egg

Classic Medi Organic Eggs  14

Two eggs any style, potatoes, Persian cucumber, tomatoes, Kalamata olives, water melon,  Aleppo pepper, olive oil, served with warm pita bread

Steak and Eggs Poutine  18

Filet mignon shawarma, battata harra, two poached egg, tahini sauce, jalapeno, Persian cucumber, lemon, Aleppo pepper, olive oil

Salmon benedict 16

Two poached eggs, smoked salmon, labneh, red onion, sliced tomato, mint hollandaise sauce , English muffin

Basturma Benedict  16

Two poached eggs, sliced basturma (cured beef), labneh, red onion, sliced tomato, Za’atar hollandaise sauce, English muffin


Battata Harra  9

Fried golden brown square potatoes, herbs, garlic toum

Marinated cucumbers  7

Hummus 9

Chickpea puree, tahini, lemon, olive oil, served with warm pita bread

Add Sujuk  4

Labneh & Fetta  9

Strained yogurt, feta cheese, mint, Kalamata olives        

Avocado  5         

Cocktails…   what’s brunch without bubbly?

10e Mimosa (Serves 4 people)      19

Bottle of champagne, carafe of fresh orange juice

Phoenician Bloody Mary    13

Vodka, Kalamata olive, soujuk, kashkaval cheese, cherry tomato